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van Laack

Posted by in on 12-23-12

van Laack logoHeinrich van Laack establishes van Laack in 1881 with two partners. He has a simple vision: to manufacture the most luxurious shirts.  This luxury is manifest in the smallest of details and expresses the personality of the wearer.

In the “golden twenties”, elegant and luxurious shirts become a “must-have” item for the well-dressed man of 1920.  At the same time, van Laack becomes one of the first brand-name products in the fashion industry. The classic van Laack logo was developed with the slogan “van Laack – the royal shirt”.

After the Second World War, Heinrich Hoffmann acquires the van Laack brand and relocates the production facilities from Berlin to Mönchengladbach. Germany’s economic boom proves to be a new beginning for the traditional brand. Heinrich Hoffmann is the driving force behind the company, providing the impetus and continually improving the van Laack brand.

In 1970 , Rolf Hoffmann takes over the company management from his father Heinrich and successfully expands the company into international markets. In 1972, the company unveils its first van Laack collection for ladies. The van Laack tradition is continued by the high level of workmanship and a love of detail.

In 1983, ties, homewear and nightwear for men become a new facet of the van Laack brand and help orient it towards the future.

In 2002, Christian von Daniels, a textile manufacturer, acquires the company. As a passionate shirt manufacturer, he sets himself the goal to further increase the exclusivity of the van Laack brand. Christian von Daniels continues the brand’s success story with the implementation of the van Laack partner concept. For von Daniels, product showcasing takes centre stage in van Laack’s new image. Every article has its own stage.

What successfully began in van Laack’s flagship stores can now be found in over 50 countries. Within three years, more than 80 new partner stores and partner sections opened.

After numerous expansions into other European countries, van Laack products can now be found on all five continents.

The opening of the centre for production and distribution in Hanoi in 2007 creates the conditions for the opening up into Asian and Oceanic markets.

Today van Laack is well-armed for the global future with the flagship and partner concepts. In addition to the European and Asian markets, van Laack will focus on expanding into the United States. The first van Laack store to hit the USA opens on Madison Avenue in New York.

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