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Vhernier was founded in 1984 in Valenza as a jeweller’s workshop.

In 2001 Carlo Traglio became President of Vhernier. His objective was to develop the company while maintaining its history and tradition supported by highly skilled craftsmen who have mastered all the technical secrets to perfection.

Vhernier Jewellery
Each piece of jewellery is unique, hand-made, and influenced in its form by trends in modern and contemporary art. The bracelets are strips of gold which open at the wrist, as if by magic, to unexpectedly reveal precious gemstones. The Disco line, which plays with light and reflections, draws on an ancient pictorial tradition for these effects: the game of mirrors. The Animalier collection of brooches are unique sculptures highly sought after by collectors all over the world. The rings, with soft and sinuous lines, evoke the volumes of the futurist movement. Essentiality of form can be found in the Calla line: fused cones of gold, diamonds and ebony.

Vhernier Shops
The first Vhernier boutique was opened in Milan in 2002, in via Santo Spirito 14, followed in 2003 by another in one of Italy’s most fashionable locations, Capri, in via Camerelle 8. In 2006, two more boutiques were launched, the first in Geneva, in Place Longemalle 19, and the second in St. Moritz, with “Four Emotions”, a space within the Palace Galerie in via Serlas devoted to Italian luxury products. Since autumn 2007, Vhernier has been present in Paris at that most famous of luxury locations, 63 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré; in Rome on the historic jewellers’ street, Via del Babuino 105, and in Moscow with a corner inside the elegant GUM Department Stores.
The 2008 has been the USA year, Vhernier opened two stores in Beverly Hills and Miami.

In the 2009 Vhernier opened a shop in the shop in Athens in the prestigious Vourakis jewellery.
The last opening is in the city of the Italian artistic excellence: Florence,in via della Vigna Nuova 65/R.

Vhernier is distributed by the best jewellers in the world. In the United States it can be found in the famous Saks Fifth Avenue department store in New York, San Antonio, Atlanta, Chicago, Mclean, Boca Raton; and in Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills and Dallas.

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