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Zenonni Su Misura

Posted by in on 7-18-12

Zenonni summarizes all the characteristics of a specific luxury sartoria, combining traditional view of tailoring with a modern approach to style.
Quality, uniqueness, durability over time, a special attention to the details, successfully interlacing of tradition with innovative elements & excellent ANTE-and POST-sales services. These are values worthing all the effort and assets on which Zenonni was created. Zenonni experience is an exclusive personalized service for each client.


• Showroom concept: We developed a concept based on an intimate, welcoming environment which helps every client that enters our showroom’s door.
• The customer comes in contact with an at least fascinating world of high-end fabrics, from Egyptian two-play cotton for shirts, natural silk for ties, to super fine Australian wool, Cashmere or vicuna for suits and overcoats. Zenonni partners are:
• As you can easily get lost in such a universe, Zenonni Consultant offers the information you need, it will advise you to make great choices not only in terms of quality fabrics and accessories, but also according to your physiognomy, needs and personality.
• For Zenonni customer, a bespoke suit becomes a second skin because the 70 hours of manual creation work enclose/ incorporate: creating a custom pattern, client consulting on design and details, intermediate trying and exceptional finishes giving added value to Zenonni suit.
• The uniqueness and personalization to the smallest detail are the defining features of a luxury product. Pattern and model give the uniqueness. The personalization is given by: customer’s name initials embroidery, custom label, interior details (lining, pockets), external details (manual buttonholes, horn buttons).
• Zenonni experience does not stop here. It continues by offering an after sales service that cumulates: products maintenance and changes occurred in time, all for a longer life of a Zenonni suit.

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